March 9, 2012

RHT Law congratulates RHT Capital on her appointment as sponsor for Elektromotive Group Limited

RHT Law congratulates RHT Capital on her appointment as the Sponsor for Elektromotive Group Limited with effect from 8 March 2012. Elektromotive Group Limited, an investment holding company, engages in the publishing and sale of periodicals and magazines primarily in Singapore and Malaysia. The Group is also involved in media publishing and event management and technology & engineering solutions for electric vehicle re-charging stations. RHT Law’s Partner and Deputy Head of Corporate and Securities Practice Mr Lawrence Wong, is the appointed Registered Professional for Elektromotive Group Limited.
February 22, 2012

RHT Law congratulates RHT Capital on her appointment as sponsor for Oakwell Engineering Limited

RHT Law congratulates RHT Capital on her appointment as the Sponsor for Oakwell Engineering Limited with effect from 18 February 2012. Oakwell Engineering Limited, which was listed in 1994, started off as a distributor of engineering products for the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical, marine and utilities industries. With the introduction of shipbuilding business, Oakwell and its subsidiaries core businesses support the requirements of both onshore and offshore, oil, gas petrochemical, chemical and marine industries. The Group’s operating segments comprises distributorship, engineering design and fabrication and shipbuilding.
February 3, 2012

Senior Partner Subhas explains stand on AGC’s discretion

RHT Law’s Senior Partner Mr Subhas Anandan responded to Straits Times forum letter in his capacity as president of the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore (ACLS), regarding its stand on the issue of the Attorney-General’s (A-G) prosecutorial discretion. In an exchange of letters between Mr Anandan and Mr M. Ravi, Mr Anandan clears the air on ALCS’s stand that the A-G should not be required to explain how he exercises his discretion, as the public should trust that the A-G will carry out his duty in good faith and act in the public interest and not abuse his prosecutorial power. The ACLS has full faith that the courts will intervene if the contrary is shown, and the public should trust that criminal lawyers will raise these issues before the court to do their best for the client. Mr Anandan also questions whether it is time to consider allowing the courts to decide who should be hanged even if guilty of a capital offence, and not only leave it for the A-G to exercise discretion. References have made to Straits Times Forum letters published on 23 Jan, 28 Jan, and 3 Feb 2012.
February 3, 2012

RHT Law raises $5,600 in support of the Children’s Cancer Foundation

With the goal of ensuring children with cancer can still lead a normal childhood, RHT Law raised S$5,600.00 in our December 2011 Christmas fund raising effort for the beneficiaries of Children’s Cancer Foundation (CCF). The cheque and collage of well wishes was presented to Ms Neo Lay Tin, the current Executive Director of CCF, during the firm’s Chinese New Year lunch held on 30th January 2012. Entitled “With Love from RHT”, it consists of a collage of 120 cards bearing well wishes from donors. RHT Law is a law firm that delivers international capabilities, locally. At the heart of the firm is a culture of giving. Apart from having CCF as RHT Law’s adopted charity, the firm also contributes back to society via pro bono work, community initiatives and philanthropy, educational sponsorships, and pledging to uphold corporate governance excellence.