Intellectual Property and Technology

Our Intellectual Property and Technology Practice is a recognised leader in this area of practice, providing Intellectual Property (IP) advice to clients from a broad spectrum of sectors, including advertising, media, technology, manufacturing, food and beverage, financial services, educational services, fashion, and other consumer goods.

We offer commercial experience and a deep understanding of all types of IP matters. Our expertise spans brands, trademarks, franchising, copyright, technology, patents, data protection, data analytics, domain names, e-commerce, media, advertising, sponsorship, broadcasting and telecoms.

We can advise on all your IP issues through the life cycle of your business, from research and development to going-to-market, and across a full range of matters – from registration to complex licensing arrangements, corporate acquisitions, anti-counterfeiting and IP enforcement and disputes.

  • Sale of goods
  • Distribution agreements
  • Agency services agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Collaboration agreements
  • Technical assistance agreements
  • Acquisition, protection and commercial exploitation of copyright works
  • Advertising services agreements
  • Assignments and acquisition of copyright
  • Distribution agreements
  • Film financing
  • Film and television production agreements
  • Licensing and merchandising
  • Media and publishing
  • Sports marketing and sponsorship

Our Corporate Technology Group consists of a dedicated team of experts providing guidance to technology companies at various stages of the corporate life cycle both in Singapore and Asia. We understand the needs and requirements of businesses operating in this dynamic sector and work with clients to add real value to their business decisions and growth.

We have extensive experience of advising technology clients, and investors investing in technology businesses, in relation to venture capital and private equity financing, joint ventures, private and public fundraisings, mergers, acquisitions and disposals. Our objective is always to add value by drawing on our practical experience of our clients’ businesses in the technology sector and the transaction process, to facilitate the achievement of our clients’ goals in a timely manner. This will include planning the tax and commercial aspects of a transaction, in-depth due diligence reviews, contract structuring and negotiation through to post-completion integration of key intellectual property and technology.

  • Advise either investors or companies on all aspects of venture capital financing ranging from initial investments, subsequent funding rounds and convertible debt investments.
  • Structure a venture capital transaction cost effectively utilising standard form documentation developed over many years.
  • Manage the legal complexities and execute an investment in unfamiliar jurisdictions across Asia.
  • Through our International Securities Group assist technology companies to achieve an exit by way of initial public offering on stock exchanges in various jurisdictions.
  • Advise technology companies across Asia on acquisitions or disposals and joint ventures with international counterparties.
  • Utilise our extensive knowledge of the way in which international organisations, particularly clients from key technology rich jurisdictions, such as the US, Japan and Korea, prefer to structure their M&A and other corporate transactions.
  • Advise on complex reorganisations of technology businesses with entities across various jurisdictions in Asia including implementation of efficient tax structures.
  • Provide added value on transaction due diligence exercises with input from dedicated specialists experienced in advising technology companies.
  • Assist US and other technology businesses on inward investment into all territories across our ASEAN+ platform, conducting advice through one point of contact.
  • Development and licensing of information technology
  • Outsourcing, technical assistance, ownership and acquisition of rights in new technology
  • Fund-raising and investment activities for businesses ranging from technology companies to private equity and venture capitalists
  • Data protection, information and data security
  • Electronic commerce
  • Software development and licensing
  • Software escrow and maintenance
  • Software distribution
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Identification of intellectual property rights
  • Trade marks and designs searches in Singapore and abroad
  • Registration of trade marks and designs in Singapore and abroad
  • Management of intellectual property portfolio
  • Licensing of intellectual property
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights against infringers
  • International anti-counterfeit programmes
  • Resolving disputes over conflicting trade marks and domain names
  • Clearance of new trade marks for use in multiple jurisdictions
  • Protection of trade marks
  • Patent searches in Singapore and abroad
  • Registration of patents in Singapore and abroad

Key Contacts

WUN Rizwi
Acting Head, Intellectual Property and Technology
+65 6381 6818